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Data-Driven Solutions.

ETL & Data Pipelining

Database Management

Analytics  & Visualization

Product X Data

Understanding your product requirements first, is the right way to approach any data-based solution. They should not be approached as black-box solutions. With a wide variety of tools and stacks available in the market, it's important to find the perfect fit for your product.

If you’re planning to validate, be data-driven. If you’re planning to innovate, be data-informed. If you are seeking inspiration for an idea, be data-inspired.

Product analytics is much more than tracking standard KPIs and falling into the trap of Confirmation Bias to support them. 

Every product is different and needs a tailored data solution to make the most out of the data generated. 

Work Flow

Picking up problems with the highest ROI potential.

End to end implementation of the data layer.

Data vertical to track the metrics that matter.

Data-backed answers to product questions.






Past Work | Tech Stack

 I mostly work with Python, SQL, ELK, Tableau, Metabase, PowerBI, etc.  Have extensively worked with various product analytics tools such as GA, Amplitude, Mixpanel, Heap, HotJar, PostHog, etc.  


To check out my previous clients and what business problems I contributed in, please click below.

Let's build a great product together! 

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